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What is PMT ?
PMT training helps staff recognize that the basic need for security will determine how they function under stress. When there is only a minimal or no protocol for managing the agitated person, staff's concerns with performing adequately will automatically interfere with their functioning.

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      Physical & Psychological Management Training
The goals of PMT training are:

  • To Increase understanding about the aspects of the crisis intervention process of most  importance to the various disciplines attending the workshop.
  • To increase the range of response options available to individual staff and teams.
  • To develop skills for analyzing one's own style of managing conflict.
  • To help staff manage their fear response in a crisis situation. 
  • To develop problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • To avoid the use of physical restraint techniques.

The objectives of PMT training are:

  • To assist staff in preventing injury to consumers, him/herself or a third party, while managing the physically aggressive person via restraint training programs. 
  • To increase staff self- confidence when facing the angry/violent individual.
  • To increase consumer confidence and security in staff member's ability to manage crisis situations.
  • To increase staff awareness and knowledge of psychological factors during crisis and to develop strategies for identifying and preventing violent outbreaks.
  • To Increase staff competence when using verbal intervention.
  • To enhance staff skill in the use of non-violent de-escalation techniques and strategies.

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PMT training covers a wide range of interventions, all of which fall into one of the four stages of managing aggressive:

                                                             Prevention                Pre-violence             Violence                 Post violence 

The basic program is designed to give participants “hands-on” and practical experience in handling a variety of crisis episodes. The core of PMT restraint training programs as well as the rest of our programs involve learning through a variety of experiences, such as simulation and role-play exercises, with the help of practical theoretical concepts.
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