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 PMT Associates, Inc.
     Physical & Psychological Management Training


  • Client Specific Consultation - Some individuals present challenging behaviors that are unique to them and to their environment.  PMT Associates has over 20+ years of helping a wide range of human service agencies, hospitals and school systems to develop safe, effective client specific interventions.

  • Site Specific Consultation - PMT Associates staff are experts at helping agencies create safe environments for the people they serve.  If you have an unusual environment set-up that presents challenging behavior management issues, contact PMT Associates for a free initial phone consultation. We are happy to talk about customizing our restraint training programs for your organization. 

  • Effective Supervision - The successful management of many behavioral scenarios can often depend on and be traced back to how well staff have been trained and supervised.  If you would like to increase your management staffs' behavior management supervision skills, PMT Associates, Inc. offers on-site training for small and large groups.

  • Personal Coaching - It is often the case that a valued employee simply needs more support to perform their job effectively, PMT Associates has a network of experienced human service professionals ready to assist you and your agency in the safe management of aggressive behavior with our restraint training programs. 

  • Time Management - Behavior problems often occur because of a lack of planning and organization.  This basic time management skills workshop will give you and your staff the tools needed to stay on top of the many tasks and procedures so important in today’s work environment.

  • Verbal Intervention & De-escalation Strategies -Verbal Intervention and De-escalation Strategies (V.I.D.S. 101) helps mental health workers, educational and health care professionals, direct care staff, co-workers and a broad range of industries tailored to fit your needs such as restraint techniques, to interact with disruptive, challenging individuals in a practical and effective manner. The V.I.D.S. 101 program is a collection of proven techniques and concepts that have worked for a variety of agencies and organizations. The program is designed to be both practical and hands on. Often, programs addressing the subject of de-escalation focus on theory and little on practical application. Not so with this program. While the V.I.D.S 101 program is research based, it is also participatory and highly interactive. 

.and many other staff development programs relating to human services