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The PMT Trainers page will provide you with all of the tools you may need to train more productively, along with news, updates, training materials, useful links.  
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"Email us what you need or what you would like to see on the Trainers Page!" Or simply click on the "wish list" link.
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  • Some links above may require a password, if you would like access to that link you can request the password via email to [email protected]
Personal Safety Pictures-  click here  (not to be printed)
Refresher Certificate-    click here
Conflict Inventory 2019 - click here
CI Worksheet back page - click here
PMT Program Trainer Slides -  click here         
Validation Checklist - click here
Training Sign- In Sheet - click here
All audio files are in mp3 format to speed the download process.  If you plan to use the audio file on a standard cd player, you will need to convert the mp3 file back to wave format.  I sugest that you install the FREE Itunes program or any other mp3 software and the conversion process will be a snap. 
Technique Review Sheet -  click here
PMT Shuffle Song (You should purchase this song if you download) - click here
PMT Jeopardy Game (Thanks to Pat Lemay, Christine Peck, Laura Bunn) -   click here
PMTGO - click here
Certificate of Participation - Click here
Post Test - click here
Hands-on Techniques Pictures - click here  (not to be printed)
Transportation Issues - click here
Guided Fantasy Download-  click here
Conflict Inventory Audio Download - click here
Evaluation Form -  click here    
COVID-19 Training Materials ---->>>  (CLICK HERE)