PMT Associates, Inc. FAQ 

1.) I took the PMT initial full day course but do not have record of it. How can I acquire it?

2.) How can I find out if a training is canceled?

3.) I was scheduled for a training but cannot attend, what should I do?

4.) I am a certified coach, can I teach a PMT class on my own?

5.) I would like to become a trainer for my agency/organization. How do I start the process?

6.) Where are the training's held and how do I get there?


1.) You can get a copy of the sign in sheet of the class you attended by calling PMT Associates, Inc. and requesting it. PMT will have record of the specific class.

2.) For cancellations due to weather.  If Middletown Public Schools are cancelled due to weather PMT will not be holding class.  If Middletown Public Schools have a late start or early dismissal due to weather PMT Trainings will start on time.

3.) If you know that you cannot attend a training in advance, please notify PMT Associates as soon as possible at (860) 347-1347. You can then make arrangements to re-schedule the training.

4.) Coach certification allows you to teach the refresher classes only.  You can not teach a class on your own if you are certified coach. You must be a certified trainer who has attended the 5 day train the trainer course by one of PMT Associates master trainers in order to teach a class for your agency/organization.

5.) Please click the link to get more information on becoming a trainer. Trainer Information

6.) All training's are held at the PMT Training Center, 100 Riverview Center, Suite 140, Middletown CT 06457.  You can obtain directions by going to the schedule page of this site or by clicking the directions link on the menu bar of each page, as well as on the highlighted link in this answer.